Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015

New Trainings PB

During the monday afternoon session I set a bomb of 57,92m (190ft) involving a new TrainingPB.
The conditions were fantastic and a strong wind from ahead was blowing. Nice throw but hopefully there is more to come during the next weeks and maybe we can celebrate even the first 60+ of my career .

Montag, 6. Juli 2015

Holidays here we come

Qualification Comp in Schweinfurth
The summer had arrived in Germany, 40 degrees hasn`t happened quite often. During the last couple of weeks things have amazingly changed  and not only in sports. Two weeks ago we had the qualification competition for the upcoming youth champs which will take place in Cali (Columbia) from 15 - 19 of July. I was pretty excited, but the weather puts a spoke in my wheel (For the native speakers: Is that phrase right???), it rains and storms. But despite that I had a couple of good throws over the 50 meters mark but missing the upwards outlier over the qualification mark of 56,50m which I didn`t have until now. At the last week competition held in Cottbus I was able to improve my PB to 55,16m with 1,5 Kg implement taking me in second position of europe`s M16. In spite of every effort I couldn`t reach the standard for Cali but was nominated for the European Youth Olympic Festival in Tiblissi, Georgia. It is like the real Olympics, but only for european countries, 8 disciplins and athletes born in 1999 (I`m very happy that Athletics is one of them). So that could be my for comp for the national team of Germany and I`ll tell you when I get the decision from the national olympic comittee.
Currently school is pretty boring, we cannot get any grades which is the reason why the motivation to wake up at 6 am goes downwards. Having enough time for other projects is also not bad and good for the preparation for the EYOF. Next week will be a training camp at the baltic sea (when other students have theire last days in school :D ) as the last stress test. Hopefully we won`t get the temperatures like the last days, but a hot and dry summer is betther than a wet one for us throwers.

Jan Bringmann

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Long period without new posts...

I know that there haven`t been any new posts for the last 3 months and I`m so sorry for that, but I had pretty much to do during this time.
After the failled competition at the Northern-German-Championships, I wasn`t qualified for the winter throwing Champs in Neubrandenburg and therefore we started preparing for summer season two weeks earlier than we had planned. Now, 3 months later, I can say that it was maybe better than
competing in Neubrandenburg, because of some technical issuses creeping in during the weightlifting period.
Since the "restart" the coordination of the total structure between force and the feeling of throw has been much better than before. At the last weekend competition in Cottbus, I won the shot put and discus event outperforming the qualification standart for the summer Champs by almost a meter.
But despite the sport activities, there was also scientific work to do.  Many exams and midterm tests were written and the absolut highlight for me was the Chemestry Olympiad of Brandenburg in mid April. My school, the Max-Steenbeck Gymnasium in Cottbus, won 3 gold and 1 bronze medal  outclassing every other school in the federal state of Brandenburg. Two of us, a student from class 9 and I, were also honored as the best experimenters. For me it was the first time winning a medal at a scientific olympiad of Brandenburg and I`m really proud that it was the gold one.
As you can see everything goes in the right direction and I`m optimistic for the summer.

Jan Bringmann

Max-Steenbeck Gymnasium wins 3x Gold
at the  Chemistry Olympics of  Brandenburg
(my Homestate)
Together with my favourite lamb

Offspring I: 9-10 little rabbits
Offspring II: 2 little lambs

Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

Holidays & Nothern-German-Champs & Birthday

Shot put comp in Potsdam

Firstly I wanna say thank you to all people over the world who wished me a happy birthday on Monday. It wasn`t a extraodenary party, just dinner with my parents, sister and the coach from the Track&Field Club  at a steakhouse in Cottbus. 
On Sunday I made my first Geocaching-Tour and it was quite succesfull: I found my first Geocach!
During my first Geocachng-Tour
For all the people who don`t know something about Geocaching, I can say that it`s a funny outdoor activity. You just have to download the app from Google Play or App Store, create an acount and start searching for your first Geocach! They are all around you, maybe close to your house. If you find one, you can enter your name in a list, so everyone can see it. 

Beautiful Brandenburg
One of my birthday presents were some tickets for the first professional shot put meeting in Potsdam (capital of my federal state). I was pretty excited to see two of world best thrower over the last 5 years and both produced massive throws over the 20 meters line.
It was a special-meeting, because it was the first K.O. shot put competition worldwide.

As you can imagine, this was a exhausting but also motivating week and I hope that this peroid of succes will continue. 

Jan Bringmann

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Winner of State Champs

Another exiting week is over and I`m proud to tell you that I became State Champ 2015 yesterday. Last week silver medal crowned by the gold one from saturday. The competition was quite difficult for me, because I felt very leached out after a hard bench press session on friday evening. I was happy about my title, but not really about throwing performence. Only 15,82m were my best valid one, so more than half a meter shorter than my best throw in Cottbus two weeks ago. 

Schooltime is totally boring at the moment, we can not get any grades and so the level of motivation sinks every day. For the following week I was chosen to be a member of chemistry-state-seminar until Thursday. We wil l get some presentations & lectures by the profs of the university of Cottbus to learn new strategies for solving chemical problems. On Friday we will get our report and I promise you that it will be the best I`ve ever got. Wish you great and experienced week!!!

Jan Bringmann

best throw from saturday

Montag, 19. Januar 2015

Built my own electric motor

Training center at home
Last week I built my own electric motor for a competition of the local university. It wasn`t that hard to construct a motor which workes. But it was a few times harder to built a high-spinning one, which works with 2000rpm. Today was the competition day and my electric motor achieved 1080rpm what satisfied me, because I hadn`t lot of time at the weekend.
After I got my weekly massage on Friday evening, I was ready to go for my PB on Saturday.
Saturday was the first day of the State Championships and the discus competition was one of the first finals this day.
The electric motor.
After the first attemp, I was the second best competitor with 44,50m, only a boy from Berlin with 50m was better. The second one was the daily best: 46,74m (NEW PB :D ) but I wasn`t happy about my technique. At the end I got the silver medal, my team mate from Cottbus a bronze (43m). That was my frist competition with the new weight of 1,5 Kg and it will be a lie if I say that I`m not pleased about the first real medal this year.

Jan Brigmann

Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

exam week & first competition

My desk at the dorm
I`m sorry for the fact, that this is my first post after a long time. The past week was horrible full of exams and test`s & by the way: we also had 5 trainingssessions until Saturday. All exams were hard but I have a goog feeling, so I hope this feeling will continue for the next weeks.

My part of the room (bed , shelf and wadrobe)
Today was the day of my first shot put competition this year. The meeting was located in Cottbus and competiors from Germany and Poland were there. I was in the age class under 18 (U18) and the start of my competition was a little bit bumpy. Two failed attemps in an row...not what I supposed after a hard period of training. But with the third attemp came the turn...15,90m with the 5 Kg ball was quiet good for the first valid one. This width is 10cm over the qualificationconditions for the comming championships in summer. The next one was shorter, just 15,60m. The 5 attemp was the daily best with 16,42m (New PB!!!). The winner come`s from Poland and is one year olden than I. He was very strong and threw the 5 Kg ball 17,70m. But I`m happy with the second place and my new PB.

Pic of a coloured onion cell I had to draw later
The christmas feelings & decoration disappear slowly, also because of the happenings in France. In my opinion this way terrorism happens is very deplorable. Hopefully this  act was a single case of  intolerance paired with humorlessness and it won`t happen again. It`s disastrous that editors and cartoonists get killed by revengful people, just `cause they made jokes about other religions years ago.
I feel with the victims of this catastrophe and hope that a time of peace will arrive for the whole world.


Video of my best throw: