Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Winner of State Champs

Another exiting week is over and I`m proud to tell you that I became State Champ 2015 yesterday. Last week silver medal crowned by the gold one from saturday. The competition was quite difficult for me, because I felt very leached out after a hard bench press session on friday evening. I was happy about my title, but not really about throwing performence. Only 15,82m were my best valid one, so more than half a meter shorter than my best throw in Cottbus two weeks ago. 

Schooltime is totally boring at the moment, we can not get any grades and so the level of motivation sinks every day. For the following week I was chosen to be a member of chemistry-state-seminar until Thursday. We wil l get some presentations & lectures by the profs of the university of Cottbus to learn new strategies for solving chemical problems. On Friday we will get our report and I promise you that it will be the best I`ve ever got. Wish you great and experienced week!!!

Jan Bringmann

best throw from saturday

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