Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Long period without new posts...

I know that there haven`t been any new posts for the last 3 months and I`m so sorry for that, but I had pretty much to do during this time.
After the failled competition at the Northern-German-Championships, I wasn`t qualified for the winter throwing Champs in Neubrandenburg and therefore we started preparing for summer season two weeks earlier than we had planned. Now, 3 months later, I can say that it was maybe better than
competing in Neubrandenburg, because of some technical issuses creeping in during the weightlifting period.
Since the "restart" the coordination of the total structure between force and the feeling of throw has been much better than before. At the last weekend competition in Cottbus, I won the shot put and discus event outperforming the qualification standart for the summer Champs by almost a meter.
But despite the sport activities, there was also scientific work to do.  Many exams and midterm tests were written and the absolut highlight for me was the Chemestry Olympiad of Brandenburg in mid April. My school, the Max-Steenbeck Gymnasium in Cottbus, won 3 gold and 1 bronze medal  outclassing every other school in the federal state of Brandenburg. Two of us, a student from class 9 and I, were also honored as the best experimenters. For me it was the first time winning a medal at a scientific olympiad of Brandenburg and I`m really proud that it was the gold one.
As you can see everything goes in the right direction and I`m optimistic for the summer.

Jan Bringmann

Max-Steenbeck Gymnasium wins 3x Gold
at the  Chemistry Olympics of  Brandenburg
(my Homestate)
Together with my favourite lamb

Offspring I: 9-10 little rabbits
Offspring II: 2 little lambs

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