Montag, 19. Januar 2015

Built my own electric motor

Training center at home
Last week I built my own electric motor for a competition of the local university. It wasn`t that hard to construct a motor which workes. But it was a few times harder to built a high-spinning one, which works with 2000rpm. Today was the competition day and my electric motor achieved 1080rpm what satisfied me, because I hadn`t lot of time at the weekend.
After I got my weekly massage on Friday evening, I was ready to go for my PB on Saturday.
Saturday was the first day of the State Championships and the discus competition was one of the first finals this day.
The electric motor.
After the first attemp, I was the second best competitor with 44,50m, only a boy from Berlin with 50m was better. The second one was the daily best: 46,74m (NEW PB :D ) but I wasn`t happy about my technique. At the end I got the silver medal, my team mate from Cottbus a bronze (43m). That was my frist competition with the new weight of 1,5 Kg and it will be a lie if I say that I`m not pleased about the first real medal this year.

Jan Brigmann

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