Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

New Year...& New Blog!

So...year is over and now it`s time to say thank you to every person who supported me in the last whole year. It was a very exciting year full of highlights. After I won the german championships in shot put I was also qualified for the IJSO 2014 as a member of the german national team. This competition was the great finale of this year and i´m so happy that I´ve won a bonze medal in Argentina. I also wanna say thank you to every competitor of the IJSO 2014, especially to my new friends from Ireland, Zimbabwe, Kenya and some other countries. It was a huge enrichment for me to see all these students from totally different countries working & living together in harmony & peace.

So I wish you all a merry merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

Jan Bringmann
Last Dinner together with the national team of Zimbabwe

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