Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

School is over

Christmas Holidays...

So the schoolyear is over and every german student is happy that Christmas is only two nights away.
But this doesn`t mean that I`ll become lazy now. Because of Christmas the coach of my throwers-group had ordered one aditional trainingsession for tomorrow.
But there aren`t only "bad" news.
A few days ago our first two lambs were born. Both have brown coat and they are so so cute! It`s fantastic to see how fast they grow up, today they started jumping and running over the whole lot.
And only two days later another sheep was born. Now we have a new "black sheep" in our family!
The weather isn`t great. It`s windy and rains a lot. My grandparents are going to arrive tomorrow and hopefully we get some snow for Christmas.

Jan Bringmann
Some impressions from my trainingssessions here in Germany.

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