Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2015

Happy New Year

Yves in our small kitchen
Last night we all welcomed the new year 2015!
Firstly in the eastern part of asia and the last island was Hawai. In Germany we celebrated the new year 12 h ago, so that now it`s time clean up everything. I celebrated together with my family, friends of my parents and Yves ( flatmate in the dormitry). We played an exiting game called "Klappbrett" and so the evening hadn`t seem that long. Together with Yves I prepared dinner. It was greek-style food: Bifteki (minced meat filled with feta cheese), farmer salat and some baked goods.
I cannot rethink that I`ve ever done such a difficult meal, it last`s for more than 2 hours! But at the end  everyone said dinner was very delicious, so we have to cook next year again :((( . I hope you enjoyed the change of the year and wish you just the best for the coming one.

Jan Bringmann

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