Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

exam week & first competition

My desk at the dorm
I`m sorry for the fact, that this is my first post after a long time. The past week was horrible full of exams and test`s & by the way: we also had 5 trainingssessions until Saturday. All exams were hard but I have a goog feeling, so I hope this feeling will continue for the next weeks.

My part of the room (bed , shelf and wadrobe)
Today was the day of my first shot put competition this year. The meeting was located in Cottbus and competiors from Germany and Poland were there. I was in the age class under 18 (U18) and the start of my competition was a little bit bumpy. Two failed attemps in an row...not what I supposed after a hard period of training. But with the third attemp came the turn...15,90m with the 5 Kg ball was quiet good for the first valid one. This width is 10cm over the qualificationconditions for the comming championships in summer. The next one was shorter, just 15,60m. The 5 attemp was the daily best with 16,42m (New PB!!!). The winner come`s from Poland and is one year olden than I. He was very strong and threw the 5 Kg ball 17,70m. But I`m happy with the second place and my new PB.

Pic of a coloured onion cell I had to draw later
The christmas feelings & decoration disappear slowly, also because of the happenings in France. In my opinion this way terrorism happens is very deplorable. Hopefully this  act was a single case of  intolerance paired with humorlessness and it won`t happen again. It`s disastrous that editors and cartoonists get killed by revengful people, just `cause they made jokes about other religions years ago.
I feel with the victims of this catastrophe and hope that a time of peace will arrive for the whole world.


Video of my best throw:

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