Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

Holidays & Nothern-German-Champs & Birthday

Shot put comp in Potsdam

Firstly I wanna say thank you to all people over the world who wished me a happy birthday on Monday. It wasn`t a extraodenary party, just dinner with my parents, sister and the coach from the Track&Field Club  at a steakhouse in Cottbus. 
On Sunday I made my first Geocaching-Tour and it was quite succesfull: I found my first Geocach!
During my first Geocachng-Tour
For all the people who don`t know something about Geocaching, I can say that it`s a funny outdoor activity. You just have to download the app from Google Play or App Store, create an acount and start searching for your first Geocach! They are all around you, maybe close to your house. If you find one, you can enter your name in a list, so everyone can see it. 

Beautiful Brandenburg
One of my birthday presents were some tickets for the first professional shot put meeting in Potsdam (capital of my federal state). I was pretty excited to see two of world best thrower over the last 5 years and both produced massive throws over the 20 meters line.
It was a special-meeting, because it was the first K.O. shot put competition worldwide.

As you can imagine, this was a exhausting but also motivating week and I hope that this peroid of succes will continue. 

Jan Bringmann

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