Montag, 6. Juli 2015

Holidays here we come

Qualification Comp in Schweinfurth
The summer had arrived in Germany, 40 degrees hasn`t happened quite often. During the last couple of weeks things have amazingly changed  and not only in sports. Two weeks ago we had the qualification competition for the upcoming youth champs which will take place in Cali (Columbia) from 15 - 19 of July. I was pretty excited, but the weather puts a spoke in my wheel (For the native speakers: Is that phrase right???), it rains and storms. But despite that I had a couple of good throws over the 50 meters mark but missing the upwards outlier over the qualification mark of 56,50m which I didn`t have until now. At the last week competition held in Cottbus I was able to improve my PB to 55,16m with 1,5 Kg implement taking me in second position of europe`s M16. In spite of every effort I couldn`t reach the standard for Cali but was nominated for the European Youth Olympic Festival in Tiblissi, Georgia. It is like the real Olympics, but only for european countries, 8 disciplins and athletes born in 1999 (I`m very happy that Athletics is one of them). So that could be my for comp for the national team of Germany and I`ll tell you when I get the decision from the national olympic comittee.
Currently school is pretty boring, we cannot get any grades which is the reason why the motivation to wake up at 6 am goes downwards. Having enough time for other projects is also not bad and good for the preparation for the EYOF. Next week will be a training camp at the baltic sea (when other students have theire last days in school :D ) as the last stress test. Hopefully we won`t get the temperatures like the last days, but a hot and dry summer is betther than a wet one for us throwers.

Jan Bringmann

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